• Nature creates the most beautiful contrasts

    Photo: Hochzwei.media

  • Summer, Sun, SUP

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    Photo: Thomas Oschwald 


  • Just pack your things and go!

    It's time to rediscover your own country.

  • Only recognized at second glance?

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  • Where there is shadow there is light and where there is light there is the sun

    Photo: hochzwei.media

  • A beautiful view is worth every ascent

    Photo: Diego Schläppi 

  • You can make yourself comfortable anywhere in the world, it just depends on the right equipment

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    Photo: Marc Michel 


  • Always expect the unexpected

    Backpack: CHASM 40 | Photo: Thomas Fras 

  • After the rain the sun always comes back

    Photo: Natur Welten 

  • Sometimes it's all about the perspective

    Photo: Martin Scheel 

  • When the sun is finally back, it feels almost like summer

    Photo: Reto Schild 

  • When the colours simply fit perfectly

    Photo: Alea Möbius 

  • If you can't wait to enjoy a view like this again soon

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    Photo: Norbert Blank 

  • There's always a light in the dark. To all the adventures yet to come

    Photo: Stéphane Hottinger 

  • We want to send you some sun - don't stop dreaming

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    Photo: Diego Schläppi 

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