• Trekking in indian himalaya

    Mira III HL tent in pole position for a breathtaking view.⠀

    Photo: Annette Ster

  • Conquer your island, ...

    ... set up your tent, enjoy silence, admire nature, leave not traces.

    Exped gear pictured: Venus II Extreme tent⠀

    Photo @thomasoschwald⠀


  • Outdoor double bed

    Exped gear pictured: ⠀

    Hyperquilt Duo / AirMat HL Duo / Camp Booty / Down Sock / Waterproof Compression Bag / Traverse 35 pack

  • This pic says all about the beauty of camping

    Exped gear pictured: new sleeping bags LITE -5°, MIRA III HL tent.

    Photo @thomasoschwald

  • Spring, sun and flower power! ⠀

    Exped Gear pictured: Skyline 25 - hiking pack with a innovative and versatile back venting system.

  • Scout Tarp Extreme - incredibly easy to set up

    The tent alternative for minimalists. Versatile setup and endless applications. It can be set up tent style with trekking poles or suspended as a tarp between branches or trees.

  • Exped's new tent: Mars II Extreme

    The new Mars II Extreme is a free standing tunnel tent with steep side walls and dual vestibules. It features generous dimensions easily accommodating users over 1.90 m tall to sleep and sit in comfort.

  • New! Explore 60 | 75

    The new Explore 60 | 75 shine as versatile, durable and highly functional trekking packs. 

  • can you think of a nicer place?

    Exped gear pictured: New LITE -5 Sleepingbags, Hiking backpacks TRAVERSE 45 and TRAVERSE 35

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald


  • Like flowers in the field

    The new Exped sleeping bags LITE -5C/+23F are full-featured 3-season bags with countless details and a comfortable fit. 

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald, Sardinia

  • New: Chasm 40

     The most durable canyoning backpack available

    Photo: Thomas Fras

  • Ultralite class cruising ...

    Super light en route: New "Ultralite +3" sleeping bag on ultralite "SynMat UL" mat, only 1080 g in total.

  • NEW: Versa Mummy sleeping bag

    The Versa Mummy defines our entry into the world of down sleeping bags. Designed with Exped's comfort fit it will not restict you in your sleep and keep you warm on chili nights.

    Photo: Reto Schild, Swiss Mountain Guide

  • Our entire sleeping bag range - all new!

    Check them out on the website! For example our WINTERLITE -16

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