• Let the sunshine in ...

    Cetus II UL in Newfoundland

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger

  • Camp site with a view

    Scout Tarp Extreme - the airy tent alternative for minimalists. Versatile and fast setup. 

    Photo: Exped, above Oeschinensee, Switzerland

  • 4 beauties!

    Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and our Expedition pack

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger

  • Hiking paradise Madeira

    And the new Skyline 15 pack with included raincover was the ideal companion.

  • Carina II tent

    A tent designed for moderate climates, great value, ease of set-up and free-standing convenience. The rainfly can be rolled up for great views and even more ventilation.

    Photo: Holger Salach

  • On hike: Skyline 25

    Comfort anywhere: The new Switchback suspension system merges two carrying philosophies in one: contact back for ergonomic body hugging fit and vented back for maximum airflow.

    Photo: Exped

  • Aletsch Glacier, beautiful Swiss Alps

    Photo: Yves Leresche

  • Bird's eye view of our roomy and comfy Venus III DLX Plus tent⠀

    Photo: Walter Steinberg, Norway

  • With our weatherproof Expedition 100 pack in Tibet

    Photo: Michael Möbius

  • New in 2017: TRANSFER WHEELIE BAG!

    This clever transport and protection bag with wheels converts any backpack or duffle bag into rolling luggage.⠀

    Exped team member Hubi, visiting the Ukraine

  • Carina II tent armada

    Photo: David González

  • Hiking Paradise Tenerife

    The Cloudburst 25 combines a waterproof fold drybag and lightweight pack. A clean, versatile pack for countless outdoor and watersport activities. Packs small when not in use, an advantage when traveling or when used as a backup pack.

    Photo: Exped

  • City hiking in Sardinia

    The brand-new Skyline series hiking packs feature an innovative and versatile back venting system.

    Photo: Exped

  • Torrent pack en route in Norway - durable and waterproof!

    Photo: Alea Möbius

  • Morning has broken ...

    Photo: Exped Korea

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