• Roger Schäli is appointed Exped brand ambassador!

    His passion is the mountains and he has climbed the Eiger North Face more than 50 times. 

    Photo: Urs Nett 

  • If it goes up, it also goes down

    Photo: Diego Schläppi

  • Waking up to a view like this – no words needed!

    Photo: Hochzwei.media

  • A jump, new challenges and new adventures

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  • Skitouring at its finest!

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger 

  • It's the journey that counts

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald 

  • Is there anything better than a night in the snow?

    Photo: Alea Möbius 

  • Everything looks much nicer when it is covered with snow

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger 

  • When you have found the perfect line

    Photo: Martin Scheel 

  • Walking in the winter wonderland

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger 

  • The pure beauty of silence and white

    Photo: Anita Holdener | Claude Raillard 

  • Cuddling in a sleeping bag is one of the best feelings

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Un maximum de plein air avec un minimum de moyens