• Perfect setting:

    Sun ... snow ... ski ... Exped backpacks


  • Can you feel the joy?

    Photo: Martin Scheel, azoom.ch

    Backpack: Skyline 25

  • There are still easy hiking trails, right?

    Backpack: Thunder, our lightweight trekking pack with excellent fit, torso mobility and weight transfer. 

    Photo: https://www.hochzwei.media/

  • Partnership & Mountainlove … & ORION EXTREME II

    Photo @hochzwei.media

  • can you hear the silence and the soft crunch of your steps in the snow?

    Photo: Astrid Därr, Yukon

  • these are the moments of absolute peace

    Photo: Alea Möbius

  • Trekking in beautiful Chile

    Photo: Michael Möbius

  • even late autumn has its charm

    Photo: Kaj Bune@Exped, Alpstein, Switzerland

  • Orion II Extreme - the perfect tent for all seasons

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger, Yukon

  • Bed, house, kitchen, food, wardrobe ...

    ... all in one backpack, the Expedition 100 pack.

    Photo: Annette Ster⠀

  • Why just go around when you can climb over?⠀

    Photo @thomasulrichexplorer | visualimpact.ch⠀

  • There are very special places ...

    Exped backpack CLOUDBURST on Mars ... um ... or guess where?⠀

  • Well protected

    For the autumn and winter seasons it's worth looking into our new WINTERLITE sleeping bags with hydrophobic and breathable shell fabric. 

  • waterproof packed !

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald, Exped pack: Torrent 40 - waterproof all-rounder with roll-top closure.

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