• A good poncho is a wonderful thing ...

    ... It doesn't take up much space if you don't need it and but offers full protection if you do. Exped gear pictures: PACK PONCHO UL

    Photo: Renate Kogler & Franz Marx 

  • Nobody says the sun must always shine

    Exped tent camp in Nepal

    Photo: Norbert Blank, http://kajak-academy.de

  • Designed in Switzerland

    The EXPLORE 75 backpack shines as a versatile, durable and highly functional trekking pack. Its refined, comfortable and seamlessly adjustable suspension system with excellent load transfer makes it the perfect choice for all types of treks.

  • beautiful view!

    Designed in Switzerland, set up in Switzerland: Mars II Extreme is a free standing tunnel tent with steep side walls and dual vestibules. It features generous dimensions easily accommodating users over 1.90 m tall to sleep and sit in comfort.


  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

    Sorry cow, but the name says it all: it's the Venus II tent!

    Photo: Niklas Siemens

  • Shade please, rain protection please, roof over my head please

    There are many Exped tarps you can choose from.⁠⠀

  • Bivy Booty - Waterproof overshoe

    Keeps your feet dry: highly water-resistant shell designed to be worn over Down Sock for walking around camp. 

    Photo: Renate Kogler & Franz Marx, Nepal

  • lounge in the shade of the Cetus II UL tent

    Photo: Walter Steinberg

  • So that we can all enjoy such overwhelming views ...

    ... we develop the necessary tools to get out there, like the Orion II Extreme tent.

    Photo: hochzwei.media

  • wild camping

    We believe that wild camping is ok as long as you leave the place cleaner than you found it.⁠

    ⁠Tent: Venus II Extreme

    Photo: Annette Moebius⁠, Chile


    Thomas Oschwald on his trip against the current of the Rhine river to the source. https://www.teachandtravel.ch/trinkwasser

  • stand up for safe water

    STAND UP FOR SAFE WATER: Thomas Oschwald taking a break on his 1322 km long trip against the current of the Rhine river which at the same time is a journey on awareness for clean drinking water. Photo: www.teachandtravel.ch.

    Equipped with a lot of EXPED expedition equipment.



  • The freedom of the hills! ⁣⠀

    Val Ferret

    ⁣EXPED gear pictured: Skyline 25 pack⁣⠀

  • It's a little cooler up here

    Trekking in Pakistan, Photo: https://www.hochzwei.media/

    On her back? Our featherweight THUNDER backpack

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