• Trekking in Colombia

    Trekking in Colombia

    Thunder is a trekking pack with a superb weight to volume/feature ratio.

    Photo: Amazee Labs, Colombia

  • Core 25 and Summit Lite packs

    Core 25 and Summit Lite packs in the woods

    You never know when you might escape the meeting room to get lost in the woods. Core 25 and Summit Lite packs could carry your laptop, but we suggest leaving it behind. 

    Photo: Exped, Park City, Utah

  • Lean back and relax!

    Lean back and relax!

    Our Chair Kit is a protective cover that converts an Exped mat into a chair or comfort lounger. 

    Photo: Yves Dayer, Greenland

  • What a playground - built by nature!

    What a playground - built by nature!

    A family biking through South America. Their home: Orion III and Cetus II tents

    Photo: Joao Gonçalo Fonseca, Chile

  • Lofoten, Norway

    Lofoten, Norway

    Photo: Michael Moebius

  • Packtesting in the Swiss Alps

    The antidote for sitting in too many meetings?

    Pack testing in the Swiss Alps. Team USA visits Headquater Switzerland.

    Photo: Exped

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