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Will a bear canister fit in the Lightning and Thunder backpacks?


Yes! The BV 450, BV 500, and Garcia 812 will all fit horizontally in the Lightning 60 and Thunder 50/70 packs. The BV 450 will also fit in the Lightning 45 pack.


Are Exped backpacks waterproof?


The Exped pack line includes both waterproof and weatherproof models. Waterproof is defined as keeping water out of the pack in all conditions other than when submerged. Weatherproof means that fabric and seams are fully waterproof but zippers and hydration ports are water-shedding and not 100% waterproof.

Here is the list of waterproof packs along with some highly weatherproof models.

Waterproof: Torrent 20/30/40/50 , Work and Rescue 50, Typhoon 15/25, Kid's Typhoon 12, Cloudburst 15/25, Splash 15, Black Ice 30/45, Tempest Duffel  70/100/140

Weatherproof: Expedition 65/80/100, Mountain Pro 20/30/40/50, Backcountry 45/55/65, Serac 35

All other packs in the Exped line are built with heavily coated fabrics to resist water penetration. These packs do not have factory sealed seems and typically emphasize other attributes such as durability or weight reduction and are designed to be used with our waterproof stuff sacks to keep contents dry. 


What is torso length and how is it measured?


Torso length measures a person's back length from hips to shoulders and is an important consideration when fitting a backpack. Ideally, the pack's suspension system length (hip belt to shoulder strap attachment point) matches the torso length of the user.

Depending on pack volume and intended use, the suspension system of a backpack becomes an essential feature. Determining  torso length  is not as critical on a hiking or everyday pack, but crucial on expedition, trekking and alpine touring packs where only a proper matching of torso length and suspension system length can correctly transfer the pack weight to the hips.

The center of the hip belt ideally rests on the hip bone crest (pelvis) and sacrum  in order to bear the bulk of the load, especially on large internal frame backpacks. There are exceptions where a shorter pack length is better, such as in alpine or mountaineering situations where a shorter overall pack length allows easy access and improved comfort when wearing a climbing harness.

To determine your torso length, use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the top edge of the shoulders or C7 vertebrae (the one that protrudes) to the top crest of the hip bone (pelvis). This is best done by a friend who can properly place and read the tape measure on your pack. Any EXPED retailer should also be able to assist in determining your torso length.


What is the torso length of your backpack sizes?


Medium (M): 19 - 20.5”

Long (L): 21 - 23”

Adjustable Men’s: 16” – 22.5”

Adjustable Women’s: 14” – 21”