Innovation, quality and attention to detail surround the user of an Exped tent - literally. And we have a tent for every need. Wherever in the world it will be used.

The highest quality materials and workmanship and innovative designs make for comfortable cocoons for every kind of user and environment. From summer nights to the savage conditions of the world's most severe environments.

Pick the right mat for your needs: A mat is much more important than the sleepingbag when it comes to warmth! With our different mat categories we cover all needs.

What makes Exped backpacks unique: we call it refined to the basics - clean design paired with focus on the necessary and removal of unnecessary parts and other bells and whistles. It ultimately leads to reduction in weight and use of resources. Less is more.

There is nothing more annoying than a waterproof drybag that accumulates moisture on the inside instead of keeping it out. This is why no matter how simple an Exped Drybag may seem, every detail is designed with care and manufactured with quality and durability in mind.

On steep or boggy ground, a hammock may be your only sleeping option and Exped offers a variety of styles to suit every user. Swinging and dreaming on a summer afternoon or riding out rainy nights on a thru-hike.

Lightweight, compact, and extremely versatile, Exped ponchos convert from raingear to a bivy bag or tarp with ease. Perhaps one of the most valuable items of gear you can take into the wilderness.

A hardshell jacket wards off the elements during the day and a bivy bag does it at night: the barrier against wet and cold during your sleep. Your tent can stay at home and your gear's weight is reduced dramatically.

Extras that add a lot..without weighing a lot.