• After the rain comes the sun – summer is surely waiting just around the corner

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald 

  • Let's jump into a new adventure together!

    Photo: Alea Möbius 

  • How about an overnight stay at the "Million Stars" hotel?

    Photo: Diego Schläppi 

  • No hike without meeting a cow

    Photo: Diego Schläppi 

  • Hello sunshine, hello summer!

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  • It seems that spring has finally arrived!

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald 

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  • Perfect tent, perfect reflection...

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    Photo: Diego Schläppi 


  • April 2021: CHECK! Time for some new spring adventures

    Photo: hochzwei.media 

  • Is there anything better than finding the perfect spot?

    Photo: Franz Marx | Renate Kogler

  • An adventure is simply better with a reliable companion

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  • Soon that time of the year will begin again

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    Photo: Michael Moebius | Annette Ster 

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