Only the most innovative and functional products are awarded the Editor's Choice, the highest distinction awarded by the Outdoor editors and one of the most coveted awards in the outdoor industry. This award goes to products that were introduced in the past year and went through the toughest lab and field test to become the absolute favorite gear of the Outdoor Editors. Each year hundreds of products are tested by this team of the worlds best outdoor gear experts. 

The Trek&Mountain magazine (UK) tested out 12 leading models. The DownMat UL 7M got the Editor's Choice.

"Wir haben über den Sommer aus der SIM Comfort-Reihe die SIM Comfort Duo 7.5 getestet und können schon mal verraten, dass wir noch nie so komfortabel im Zelt geschlafen haben…" Dies schreibt Guido vom Magazin Outdoorshop. 

Guido vom Outdoor-Shop Magazin hat sie gründlich getestet. Das Fazit vorweggenommen: "Die Synmat Hyperlite von Exped ist die konsequente Weiterentwicklung der Serie in Richtung ultraleicht. Wer eine wirklich leichte aber bequeme Matte sucht, die 3-Jahreszeitentauglich ist und ein kleinstes Packmass hat, kommt an der Hyperlite kaum vorbei ... "

Curious about the new additions to our mat range? There's a full set of tapered mats. These are the worlds lightest mats when compared to their warmth and comfort! And they pack extremely small.

DownMat UL 7 is the ultralight version of the DownMat 7 being 20% lighter and yet equally warm. It comes without an integrated pump, but with a smart pump bag, the Schnozzel Pumpbag. 

Rüdiger Flothmann had thoroughly tested the DownMat UL 7 M on his blog:


Ingenious simplicity: there is no better way to inflate an Exped mat! With the help of the Schnozzel Pumpbag any Exped mat is inflated with 2 to max. 3 compression.

And it also doubles as a waterproof compression stuff sack.

With a sleeping surface of 197 x 125 cm our Duo Mats offer unbelievable comfort without the "gap" for two people and create an insulated floor in a two person tent. Available in 4 sizes from 3.8 to 10 cm thick.


To be honest we designed them for sleeping, but you can also use them while wide awake - our ultra comfortable 3-D mats.