EXPED supports POW's Outdoor Community Manifesto


In connection with the EU parliamentary elections in June, there are signs of a shift to the right. This would mean that the Green Deal would not be properly implemented. To counteract this, EXPED is supporting the manifesto drawn up by Protect our Winters Europe. 

Teaserbild POW mit Bergen

One Year of the myclimate Impact Label – EXPED in talk


Myclimate, our ally in tallying up the sky's breaths, they unveiled the label 'Engaged for Impact' back in December of the year 2022. We've adopted that badge into our talks, and later on, we sat down with myclimate to talk it over.

Sleeping Mat Packaging with the Impact Label from myclimate

EXPED warehouse sale with Swiss brand ROTAUF


For the first time this year, you have the chance to get your hands on EXPED bargains or exciting treasures. Our big warehouse sale will take place again on March 22 and 23, 2024. For two days, we will be selling samples, prototypes and remaining stock at our premises on Hardstrasse in Zurich.

Schild Lagerverkauf

The story of Torrent


Do you have a backpack that has been with you for years and has become your best adventure buddy? EXPED customer Julie certainly does. She has put the story of her Torrent into words from the backpack's point of view.

Julie Engelmann with Torrent and dog Karma
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