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REFINED GEAR FOR ADVENTURE - explore the wild world. Discover its mysteries, climb its peaks, roam its forests and set out on its waters. Adventure awaits!


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EXPED enables the maximum outdoor experience with minimal means. Whether you're in the mountains, traveling in foreign lands or wandering through a nearby forest, EXPED gear protects you, warms you, and sets you free. We’ve removed the unnecessary frills (ohne schnickschnack) and refined each component.


Our history

Heidi Canada

Andi and Heidi, founders of EXPED, spent nine months in the Canadian wilderness in 1981, living off the land with minimal means. That experience has had its share in bringing EXPED to where it stands today. 



Exped Team outside

All highly motivated outdoor people specialised in their skills and often found playing in the wild.


EXPED Innovations

Innovation DownMat

Over the past 20 years, EXPED has created numerous innovations and been honored with many industry awards. This is made possible through partnerships with specialty retailers, consumers and manufacturing partners. EXPED relies on its global partnerships to offer products of the highest quality.



Autum Forest

In order to minimize EXPED’s environmental impact, we carefully evaluate materials and resources to find the ideal balance between sustainability and performance. We favor high-quality components and environmentally sound production processes. This helps ensure that our gear is durable, long-lasting and resource-efficient. And instead of replacing well-used gear, we encourage its repair in our workshops. 

Our production facilities, as well as our vendors, are long-term partners. And we are proud to equip outdoor enthusiasts for their lifetime of adventures.

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