Our products are not designed on a drawing board alone. Real-world experiences are key to us, our reason for working intensely with our product test team. 

Exped Cooperations

Roger Schäli

Roger Schaeli

His passion is the mountains. He has climbed the famous Eiger North Face more than 50 times. Roger Schäli has been a friend of the EXPED team for a long time as an all-round alpinist and above all as a person. His experience in the mountains, but of course also his awareness of high-quality equipment make the well-known professional mountaineer the perfect brand ambassador. Roger Schäli has been using our products intensively for a long time and therefore knows exactly what he is talking about. One favorite product has already emerged: The Whiteout is one of his most reliable companions.

Thomas Oschwald

Roger Schaeli

Thomas Oschwald is always looking for new challenges and adventures. A regular companion is his stand-up paddle, with which he has already covered quite long distances. For example, he paddled from the mouth of the Rhine in the North Sea over 1200 km against the current to the source of the Rhine. When the alpine Rhine was too strong, he walked to the source by foot – challenge accepted. In Norway he paddled with the SUP to the North Cape in the icy winter time. Whether over the water or on foot to the next mountain, Thomas documents his adventures skillfully on photos and videos.

Astrid Därr

Astrid Daerr

As a freelance travel journalist, tour guide and enthusiastic mountain sportswoman, Astrid Därr spends more than seven months a year traveling around the globe. Her reports and photos have been published in various English- and German-language magazines, blogs and online portals. Whether by 4x4 across Africa and South America, by ski on the active volcanoes on the Pacific Ring of Fire, on foot through the wilderness of East Greenland or by dive boat to the Moluccas - she loves adventure!

Norbert Blank

For his clients and passion, Norbert Blank capture the world and its people in pictures. He has been roaming the world for the past 15 years and through overs 100 countries.

Walter Steinberg and Sigi Fischer

Walter & Sigi

Walter Steinberg, appointed member of the Gesellschaft für Bild und Vortrag e.V. (GBV), has been working as a freelance travel journalist, photographer and filmmaker since 2008. His traveling companion and wife, biologist Dr. Siglinde Fischer, accompanies him on his projects. Together the couple explores the wilds, preferably in the north: Northern Scandinavia, Iceland, Scotland, Greenland, Canada, and again and again Alaska. The two often spend months traveling "by fair means": on foot, snowshoes with backpack and sled, or by canoe.

Survival Outdoor School

SOS Survival School

Christof Hagen: "The origin of our work is the interest in stone-age knowledge and skills. The goal is to make this accessible to wide circles and to spread it further. We maintain various contacts with people living close to nature. Again and again we integrate what we have learned about our ancestors into our courses."

Patrick Felder

Patrick Felder

Based in central Switzerland, mountain guide Patrick Felder relies on EXPED products. He tests them to the core and supplies us with valuable feedback.

Gilles Sierro

Originated from the Valais in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Gilles Sierro is a mountain guide, ski instructor and steep skier. Specializing in very technical and exposed skiing, he needs good equipment. "The partnership with EXPED allows me to keep my focus on the skiing, not on my backpack... I know it performs."

Berg + Tal


Berg + Tal has been accompanying guests up the mountains and back down into the valley for over 20 years. What started in 1993 as a one man show has been at the forefront of the Swiss market for quite some time. "Our business principle is based on the passion for mountain sports in all its shades and the courage to tread unknown paths in everyday business. This always with respect and fairness towards nature, our employees and partners. We mountain guides from Berg + Tal coach, train, belay, climb, plan, ski and always carry a backpack from EXPED. The basic values of the company EXPED are also our values. We live our enthusiasm and do so with the best quality and continuity."

Alpine Welten

Alpine Welten

The mountain guides of Alpine Welten accompany guests from German-speaking countries on moderate or demanding mountain tours in the Alps, to the mountains of the world and on polar expeditions. In the Alpine Welten family, three German mountain schools combine their know-how and expertise. More than 100 certified mountain guides and mountain hiking guides rely on EXPED gear, be it the Downmat in polar regions or the Black Ice 30 backpack for daily use.


Raphael Richard and Stéphane Hottinger: "The mountains brought us together in the 90s and they are still the ones that connect us today. The passion for the mountains has allowed us to pursue our dream (job): the profession of mountain guide. After working as mountain guides in Verbier for more than 10 years, we decided to choose the path of self-employment. Through our website we offer worldwide trips, but also domestic ski touring days, mountaineering weekends, alpine courses, as well as everything that can be done with a mountain guide. As professional mountain rescuers, we also offer basic and advanced training in avalanche safety, crevasse rescue, personal rescue, etc. It is our goal and desire to spend as much time as possible in the mountains with our clients in the most beautiful places and there is only one thing that counts: safety!"