Shield your gear against water and dirt with our new ultral durable Fold Drybag Endura.

Expeds new lightweight and ultra durable waterproof roll-top drybags. Heavy duty packsacks made of supple laminated fabric and with neat features: in addition to the durable fabric the FoldDrybag Endura come with sturdy aluminium karabiners to lock the roll-top closure. These allow the roll-top to be closed conventionally or vertically by clipping into the lateral daisy chains. The oval shape keeps them stable when lying on their sides and also stow easily in a boats bow. The slim shape and countless attachment points allows them to be attached easily to the front of a backpack. The integrated Exped FlatValve simplifies compression. All seams are fully seam-taped. Available in 4 practical sizes - as with all Exped drybags in an individual colour per size. 

additional information and video:

> Fold Drybag Endura 5

> Fold Drybag Endura 15

> Fold Drybag Endura 25

> Fold Drybag Endura 50


Photographer Norber Blank proves over the Ecuadorian jungle that our Fold Drybag Endura come in handy even in the air: