The Exped team and family members headed out for a relaxing weekend together at the Klöntaler lake in canton of Glarus.

Part of the group chose the tough way up.


The Exped tent camp for 30 people.


Fun in and on the water, followed by a warm up sleeping bag performance.


For a good nights sleep we tested our wide selection of tents, mats and sleeping bags in all variations. 2-meter man Eicke and 100 kg hunk Kurt went for the Mira I. Not exactly space to boot but no need to share. This set up with canopy and Scout Tarp Extreme offers heaps of ventilation and great views.


The oldies but goldies Andi and Heidi went for our classic Venus II, but in the conventional method of floor on the ground.




They wanted to test the Scout Hammock Combi.







Great food, time to chat and taking in the views.