On long treks, when load of gear like a tent, sleeping bag, mat, stove, food and water need to be hauled along, our Expedition series packs are the perfect choice: featuring weatherproof construction, overall low weight, excellent load bearing properties and loads of space!

The German Outdoor Magazine put the 80l version through it's paces during a 15 month period.

Load monster

Exped's waterproof trekking pack Expedition 80 proves itself.

Lapland treks or alpine touring: the Expedition 80 had to stand up to everything, epic torrential downpours, huge loads and rough handling. It passed all the tests with flying colours and felt comfortable at all times. The testers just had to get used to one thing, pack the items they needed often on top as the huge pack only has a single compartment and access. But it offers loads of space: 70 liters in the main compartment and 7 liter in the top lid pocket.

Endurance test: 15 months

Exped Expedition 80

Price: € 420 Weight: 2530 g

+ very comfortable

+ low weight for it's size

+ fully waterproof in the rain

- needs to be packed systematically

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