Tsering Dolma Gurung (54) and her husband Silnon live primarily off their own agricultural activities. Three daughters attend the local school; the eldest daughter, however, is needed to help run the household. The family's most important possessions: sheep, yaks and horses - and now a greenhouse. A meaningful project, we believe and have financed 1 of 12 greenhouses and donated an ORION II EXTREME

Even on a small scale, or in this case on small wheels, you can experience beautiful things. Especially now, when the possibilities are limited, one wants to get out there and explore the visinity. Microadventures are the order of the day. Heading out spontaneously with limited luggage and preparation. And when it's time to sleep or a nice place to stay turns up, just set up your bivouac. Photographer Norbert Blank and his partner spent five days on the road with the perfect lightweight gear ...

It is time for some good news in these turbulent and difficult times. Adventurer and EXPED Ambassador Thomas Oschwald is always looking for new challenges. Now, with the birth of their son, he and his partner have just begun what is probably their greatest adventure. As expected, the two celebrate and announce the birth of their Tim in an unusual and beautiful way ...

What happens to a couple when the go on expedition together? Love!

Once upon a time there was a dragon who had lived for hundreds of years in a small castle in the Glarus mountains. The locals lovingly called him Wisli dragon. Every winter he watches over the Raminer river and makes sure that the Tschingelböcke with their pointed horns don't come down into the valley...and if hasn't melted, you'll find him this winter directly behind the Wisli forest in his castle. Thomas Oschwald built it, captured it in photo and video and of course spent the night in it with his partner ...

Accore [akor]: Refers to a steep, rocky coastline along which the depths increase rapidly and ships can follow closely.

Crédit photo : Paul Boucher

From April to November of 2018, a team aims to paddle in an open canoe across America; from the Pacific Ocean in Astoria (Oregon) to the Atlantic Ocean at the tip of Florida. As you can imagine, this trip will take a grueling 210 days to complete the 4750 miles from coast to coast. This is the expedition of a lifetime. 

What if I told you of a place that is 2 hours from the biggest city in Canada, yet boasts a stretch of land nearly 80km in all directions which sees fewer human visitors in the winter than the parks moose population? A place where you can truly immerse yourself in the elements and find piercing winter solitude so quiet that it makes your ears ring? That place is called Algonquin Park and this year, to celebrate its 125th anniversary, my friend and I took the trip of a lifetime to trek across its frozen expanse in the dead of winter. We, Ryan Atkins, Buck Miller and Eric Batty want to invite you along on our 5th (of 10) day of travel through the park.