The Exped Venus II extremely proved its value up in Lapland! On the one hand regarding setup and comfort and on the other stability in the, at times, tremendous winds it had to withstand!

The winds were calm during most of the day. I arrived at a deserted beach, surrounded by high mountains which gave it the perfect touch. The ideal spot for setup on a windless day. It started to snow and in the beginning all was nice and calm.

But that changed rapidly and phenomenally. I was suddenly in the midst of a storm! Here I was, exposed between the open sea and land. Disaster!

But hey, I’d bought a high tech tent for situations like these. A chance for it to prove its worth and the money spent. And boy it did!

The wind gust kept on getting stronger. The tent bent over till one side of the ridge pole hit the ground! I didn’t know that tent poles could bend that much and that the fly fabric was that tear resistant. It looked bizzare, but together with the fast moving clouds, wild sea and the red glow of the setting sun, black clouds and the northern lights shining through breaks in those clouds – an incredible atmosphere!

In any case I’m really glad I replaced my old tent for the Venus II. As much as I liked that old tent, I’m convinced that today it wouldn’t have stood a chance.