As summer wanes and cooler temperatures move in, it's best to make sure you know where you put your Camp Slippers!

We like to say that we can help our customers "take comfort anywhere" and the EXPED line of camp footwear is a great example of this idea in action. Four different styles are available to warm the feet of all sorts of adventurers: 

Camp Slipper

This is the one for shuffling around the hut. Built with synthetic insulation for quick-drying, a grippy sole and rand for non-slip shuffles and a foam midsole to insulate and cushion the foot. It's light and compact when stowed and is great for those times when deep snow isn't an issue. 


Camp Booty

Synthetic insulated like the Camp Slipper, but warmer and more coverage of the ankle for use as a snow camping booty. 


Down Sock

Cold feet no matter how warm your sleeping bag? Wear Down Sock to bed and change all that! Not designed for walking, but rather a super-insulated down sock that's highly compressible and very lightweight. For walking in these, see their companion, Bivy Booty, below. 


Bivy Booty

This is a highly water-resistant shell designed to be worn over Down Sock for walking around camp. A removable foam footbed, sticky sole/rand and adjustable elastic at the top and around the ankle make this a secure and dry shell for the feet. 

Yep, take comfort anywhere!