EXPED supports POW's Outdoor Community Manifesto

In connection with the EU parliamentary elections in June, there are signs of a shift to the right. This would mean that the Green Deal would not be properly implemented. To counteract this, EXPED is supporting the manifesto drawn up by Protect our Winters Europe. 

Teaserbild POW mit Bergen

This year, important political decisions will be taken in Europe that will also have consequences for environmental protection. From June 6 to 9, the EU Parliament will be newly elected. The new composition will also determine whether the political initiatives of the "EU Green Deal" in the area of sustainability will be implemented effectively or watered down. 

The so-called European Green Deal is a package of political initiatives. It sets Europe the goal of becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The Green Deal is therefore one of the EU Commission's most important projects. In addition to climate protection measures, it is also about biodiversity, corporate responsibility, greenwashing and nothing less than a sustainable future for us all. 

It is time to act 

Forecasts of the pre-elections indicate a shift to the right, which would mean that the Green Deal would not be implemented effectively or would be watered down. To re-emphasize the important points, Protect our Winters Europe (POW Europe) has drafted a manifesto, which is also supported by EXPED. 

In it, POW has highlighted four key areas where the EU can and must play a pioneering role in the transition to a more sustainable future:

  • Supporting the green energy transition
  • Improving and promoting low-carbon mobility
  • Accelerating the restoration of biodiversity and the protection of wilderness areas
  • Ending unsustainable business models and excessive consumption

to the manifesto

We not only support the Outdoor Community Manifesto, but also encourage all EU citizens to vote. And for all Swiss citizens, it is important to mobilize the electorate for this election from 6 to 9 June. 

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