One Year of the myclimate Impact Label – EXPED in talk

Myclimate, our ally in tallying up the sky's breaths, they unveiled the label 'Engaged for Impact' back in December of the year 2022. We've adopted that badge into our talks, and later on, we sat down with myclimate to talk it over.

Sleeping Mat Packaging with the Impact Label from myclimate

EXPED gathers all climate-relevant emissions from the making and shipping of every product category and supports certified climate protection projects by myclimate to the same degree. The label offers companies the opportunity to communicate their commitment to climate protection without using terms such as “climate neutral” or “offsetting”, which have since come under criticism. Muriel Weber, Muriel Weber, Sustainability Manager at EXPED, shares our experience in the interview.

«The transparent wording is easy to understand and summarises very well what our climate commitment with myclimate entails.» 

Muriel Weber, Sustainability Manager at EXPED