Drip Clips

Hammock carabiner with rain shield

  • Drip Clips prevent rain from dripping in to the hammock
  • ideal in combination with the Suspension Kit
  • robust and versatile
Drip Clips
Prod. no. 7640147761773

Product Description

The nifty and sturdy Drip Clips are practical combination carabiner and shield that allow quick suspension of a hammock.

The clever thing about them are the integrated drip shields. The fabric patches made of Hypalon prevent rain from running down the suspension cord and dripping into the hammock. And if you apply mosquito repellent to the patches it will stop ants, leeches and bugs from wandering toward the hammock.

The Drip Clips can be ideally combined with the Hammock Suspension Kit as well as the Slit Line. The delivery includes two pieces.