Mira I HL

The perfect combination of space, comfort and weight

  • quick and easy set-up
  • minimum weight with optimal space
  • canopy can be used without rainfly
Mira I HL
Prod. no. 7640445457149
Tent cut
Detail Tent Mira Footprint fly tie out webbing

Product Description

The Mira I HL offers a balanced combination of space, comfort and weight. This ultralight tent is perfect for short trips in moderate climates.

The inner tent consists partly of an airy, fine-mesh mosquito net. In the lower part you can find a denser ripstop nylon that provides protection against wind or views from the outside. With a height of over one meter, the Mira HL offers plenty of headroom. The tent offers two practical vestibules. A slightly larger one towards the door and a smaller one at the back. The smaller one offers additional storage space and is only accessible from the inner tent. 

Since this tent is designed for minimal weight, we recommend a footprint to protect the lightweight floor. The inner tent is also freestanding and can be pitched without the outer tent in nice weather. This way you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the starry sky. If you want it even lighter, you can use the outer tent in combination with the footprint. This method also makes sense in the rain, because the inner tent can be hung on the pole frame and remains dry.

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