Every year in the fall the global Exped team comes together in Zurich, Switzerland for our innovations meeting. 

We talk about all sorts of company stuff, but mostly we discuss gear - especially what's in the works for 1.5 years out.  These things are always exciting and this year is no exception. After the meeting, the Exped USA crew always does its very best to convince our Swiss counterparts to take us somewhere in the Alps. This year we headed up to Grimsel Pass for the day. But the night before was also very special. Claudia, who is one of our salespeople for Switzerland, lives in the town of Meiringen. She knows the local mountains very well - and the local food. She treated us to raclette with local cheese, wine from the valley, bread from the town and so on. Amazing! We slept well that night and were ready to hit the trail in the morning, which dawned perfectly clear and calm. It was a perfect day in the legendary mountains of Switzerland! Thank you Claudia!