It is time for some good news in these turbulent and difficult times. Adventurer and EXPED Ambassador Thomas Oschwald is always looking for new challenges. Now, with the birth of their son, he and his partner have just begun what is probably their greatest adventure. As expected, the two celebrate and announce the birth of their Tim in an unusual and beautiful way ...



This new adventure fits well with Thomas Oschwald's philosophy. For him, an expedition does not necessarily have to take place far from any civilisation, but rather right in the middle of it. If possible, there should always be a little bit of uncertainty. He himself describes these experiences as "expeditions for heroes of everyday life". And Thomas could also be called such a hero. His professional path led him from photography and web design to teaching. Today, as a primary school teacher, he passes on his convictions to the pupils: The children should also learn how important it is to face challenges, but also to learn as mistakes. His passion led the EXPED ambassador to create the "Teach & Travel" project.

In the mountains and on the water 

However, Thomas Oschwald masters challenges not only in his everyday life, but also on his expeditions. The adventurer is as much at home in the mountains and in the snow as he is on the water. And so his passion for stand-up paddling took him sometimes as far north as far south. In 2019, he was determined to paddle from Rotterdam to the source of the Rhine - against the current!

We hope for many more experiences with Thomas Oschwald and wish him and his family all the best on this trip. In any case, their son Tim will certainly not only hear but also experience one or the other adventurous bedtime story.