New for 2018, the MegaMat Lite is perhaps EXPED’s most versatile sleeping mat. 
It’s likely that you, dear reader, are already familiar with EXPED's famous MegaMat. It’s our biggest, fattest, most luxurious sleeping mat! It’s been around for years and has become the go-to sleeping surface for any kind of basecamp circumstance - car camping, family camping, trailhead hotel, overlanding, sleeping in the back yard. And many folks tell us that they use MegaMat as a guest bed at home. It’s amazingly comfortable!
So it was inevitable that we’d be asked (and ask ourselves) how we could deliver the same #comfortanywhere in a lighter and more compressible package. Sort of a MegaMat…um…light. So for 2018 that’s exactly what we’ve done and we're calling it MegaMat Lite (big surprise). It’s available right now in many stores.
So how’d we do it? Well, to start with we swapped out the 10cm thick, ultra-comfortable chunk of foam in MegaMat for lighter, more compressible lofted synthetic insulation. Technically, it wasn’t quite as simple as that (never is) but with some structural tweaks (e.g. baffles between air chambers) everything fell nicely into place. The result is a mat that approaches the ultimate comfort of the original MegaMat. Its reduced weight and packed volume makes it worthy of inclusion in human-powered adventures when a bit of luxury is in order.
For ease of inflation, MegaMat Lite is sold with Schnozzel Pumpbag UL L. At just 3.4 ounces, it’s net weight is zero because it can be used as a stuff sack for clothing. And, of course, its high volume allows rapid mat inflation with no moving parts, batteries or potential for failure. A giant mat like MegaMat Lite can be inflated in 2 minutes!
So the idea with MegaMat Lite is versatility and it delivers. Take it anywhere and sleep blissfully!
MegaMat Lite is available in 4 sizes and two colors (green and ruby red): 
R-value for all sizes is 5.3 (fully winter capable). 
Medium  (M)                      33.7 ounces   
Medium-Wide (MW)          39.9 ounces
Long-Wide (LW)                 42 ounces
Long-Extra Wide (LXW)      48.9 ounces