Is it cold feet season? not in our booties. 

DOWN BOOTY: Toasty feet in your sleeping bag, in the mountain cabin or at home on your sofa. Filled with cozy down, made of durable ripstop-nylon shell and fitted with an elastic cinch cord to keep the heat where it belongs. The Down Booties pack extra small so you can take them along where ever you go.

For those who need to move around camp we suggest the DOWN BOOTY WB. These are our camp shoes for winter outings: These are a combination of Down Booty and separate waterproof shell with insulated soles - slip them on and hit the snow!

The SYN BOOTY is a humidity resistant synthetic filled version of our booties with integrated insulating footbed and durable Cordura outer sole making the the ideal camp and cabin shoes. 



> Down Booty

> Down Booty WB

> Syn Booty