With support from the National Geographic Global Exploration Fund and numerous sponsors, Martin Edström and his team mounted a successful expedition to Hang Son Doong in Vietnam in early 2015. The result was a next-generation digital reportage, covering large parts of the cave in 360° images and audio. This interactive and immersive experience lets you explore the cave for yourself.

The chambers of Vietnam's Son Doong cave extend so far and wide that explorers have described it as "infinite"—and with this amazing 360° digital tour, you can plunge below ground to see it yourself without ever leaving home. Photojournalist Martin Edström, a National Geographic Explorer, hopes to bring the cave to as many people as possible. Exped contributed > Work&Rescue Packs and waterproof >Fold Drybags.

Phantastic images, worth exploring, take your time and enjoy! Click on following link >to National Geographic: