As a couple you save a nice amount of weight and volume, or treat yourself to a luxurious double bed when camping alone.



The worlds lightest mat for its warmth, comfort and weight. Use it as a couple or for ultimate luxury on a solo trip. Two separate air chambers, one for each sleeper, prevent the bouncing sensation caused when one moves around. It received both the Backpacker Editors Choice Award 2016 and the OutDoor Industry Award 2015! 

One jury member was quoted saying: „I have been searching for a double mat with this weight and functionality for years“, to express his excitement over the Exped Synmat Hyperlite Duo. The jury awarded the OutDoor Industry Award for the lightest double mat on the market offering this high level of comfort.

Big mat, small packed size! The SynMat Hyperlite Duo features micro fiber insulating fill and keeps you cozy down to -6 °C (R-Value 3.3) and only weighs 790 g.

Additional information: > SynMat Hyperlite Duo

SYNMAT winterlite duo

This one features added insulation for temperatures down to -17°C (R-Value 4.9). And at 1050 g still belongs to the lightweights.

Additional information: > SynMat Winterlite Duo


mat sheet hyper duo

You prefer sleeping on a sheet? Now available for almost all our mats. This fitted sheet is made of Tencel (fabric made of tree bark) feels great, keeps the mat clean and is easy to wash. Wraps around the mat and is attached with a cord and buckle. 

Additional information: > Mat Sheet Hyper Duo