Only the most innovative and functional products are awarded the Editor's Choice, the highest distinction awarded by the Outdoor editors and one of the most coveted awards in the outdoor industry. This award goes to products that were introduced in the past year and went through the toughest lab and field test to become the absolute favorite gear of the Outdoor Editors. Each year hundreds of products are tested by this team of the worlds best outdoor gear experts. 

Original text Outdoor magazine 3/16 on the DownMat 9 TT: "Exped revolutionized the sleeping mat market with the introduction of the Downmat, a down-filled lightweight airmat.  The next stroke of genius follows with the introduction of the  Downmat TT«, says winter touring fan Uli Benker. Instead of the usual single air chamber, this one features 6 individual ones in a shell of lightweight polyester. This has several advantages: »Should one of the chambers puncture, it can easily be located and repaired«, according to Benker. And the mat can still be used as the other 5 chambers are still intact - a safety feature especially in freezing environments. »In an emergency situation you could also just stuff the chamber with spare clothes, says Benker. The sleeping comfort and insulation of the 10 centimeter mat (182 x 49 cm, 1030g) are excellent: The Outdoor lab test determined a temperature rating of -22/-30 °C. Only deflation and inflation take a bit longer than with the standard DownMat. 290 Euro"

+ can be used even when puctured

+ excellent insulating properties

+ comparatively light and compact

+ fantastically comfortable

The following video produced by our US Team introduces the DownMat TT:

> DownMat TT 9 M

> DownMat TT 9 LW