One mat for every outdoor sleep circumstance? Yes...

Here at Exped we offer a broad assortment of sleeping mats - something for every user and circumstance. We have car camping/basecamp mats, 
ultralight mats, two-person mats, foam mats, air mats, self-inflating mats and some very interesting combinations of these. But if you will 
buy one mat to do it all there is one stand-out choice: SynMat 7. Here's why: 
  • Comfort. 7cm of thickness guarantees that your bones will be kept off the hard ground, whether you are a side, belly or back sleeper. This is a very important aspect of the outdoor sleep experience. When your bones contact the ground your sleep is often interrupted and your upcoming day on the trail won't feel as smooth. 
  • Warmth. With a certified, independently tested R-value of 4.9 this mat provides plenty of warmth for winter outings. Synthetic insulation is bonded to the top and bottom of each lengthwise air chamber, which ensures that each time the mat is inflated the insulation fills space. Exped is the only mat manufacturer to take this extra step - and it's a big one when it comes to warmth. As we like to say, the earth is very big and it wants your heat. With an inadequately insulated sleeping mat your heat migrates through the mat to the ground below - relentlessly, all night long. This is also a cause for frequently interrupted sleep and no sleeping bag can stop this process completely. 
  • Ease of inflation. SynMat 7 has an integrated pump that allows full inflation in about 2 minutes, eliminating lung inflation and the associated moisture build-up within the mat. The mat can also be inflated with the super lightweight Schnozzel Pumpbag, which is even faster and easier. 
  • Durability. Built with 75 denier polyester, SynMat 7 strikes a balance between durability and carry-on-your-back weight reduction. In addition to this, like all Exped mats, SynMat 7 is made air tight by a TPU polyether lamination. This is decidedly NOT a coating, which holds air at first, but like all coatings tends to degrade quickly. All Exped mats also employ FlatValves, which eliminate the soft-to-hard interface of protruding twist valves used in other mats. FlatValves are high frequency welded to the mat, the strongest method for bonding fabrics. 
  • Constant improvement: Although the name and general appearance of SynMat 7 haven't changed much, everything else about this mat has been evolving steadily. Our construction methods, the exact nature of the fabrics and lamination processes, valves, seam welding and many other hidden details are being refined constantly. 
If there is one mat to rule them all it's SynMat 7 without a doubt. All seasons, any circumstance.