Which pole fits where?


The Exped Zurich team hits the trail together. We test our latest gear and dive into the details of each product. At the same time we take the opportunity to learn about life in the woods.





We picked a beautiful day to head out to Steckborn on Lake Constance. From there we hiked through the woods to a meadow to set up camp for the night.

Everyone picked a nice spot, grabbed some gear and prepared a cozy bed for a short night. We created a little tent village with a ladies hill, the bosses corner, a spot for the individualist and a few that spent the night in the trees in their Ergo and Scout Hammocks.




In the mean time dinner is being prepared and we gather around the fire. A short clouburst stirs up the group and sets us into action setting up tarps to keep us dry and cozy late into the night.

After a short nights sleep we break up camp and head out for a workshop on finding water sources, edible plants, the best firewood and lighting fire without a Zippo.