"If there is anything like the perfect tent, then it's the Exped Orion 2 UL" says Alexandra Gutierrez from the German "Outdoor Magazin" in 3/17 issue.

A few words from the editors:


With the Orion 2 UL Exped has launched the ultimate lightweight tent.

If there is anything like the perfect tent then it's the Exped Orion 2 UL: It can be set up in no time at all, stands like a rock in the wind, defies rain and wet grounds, and offers more than enough living space for 2 people. Sure you may say other tents do that too, which is true, but they average 3.5 kg. The Orion only weighs in at 2.4 kg! And these Swiss did not cut any corners in details - guylines, vents and pegs belong to the best - vestibule space is generous. This dome even comes with two points of entry. And it also features a bright and high canopy in which 4 people can sit upright without touching the roof. The often asked question whether one should take along a lightweight or comfortable stormproof tent is obsolete with the Orion 2 UL (750 €).

"Finally a tent that leaves nothing to be desired and that even my son can set up alone with ease."

Alexandra Gutierrez, photo editor, Outdoor Magazin 3/17

Available in outdoor speciality stores starting March 2017