On a hot summer morning, we found ourselves in need of a little shade during breakfast. Solution: Outfitter Tarp IV. 

Depending on the angle of the sun, a tarp can be arranged in different configurations to provide the maximum amount of shade. In the image above, we found that the vertical tarp, simply hanging from the center line, was exactly what was needed. A little later, as the sun climbed a bit higher in the sky, we guyed out the corners. Notice that we used a tree on one end of the center line and a log on the other. This required a little ingenuity, but it worked very well. Three guylines tied to more logs did the trick. In the end, we had shade on a hot summer morning. The difference in comfort was significant. 

All Exped tarps employ guyline fasteners and tighteners so there are no knots necessary. 

A little beach foraging turned up a log of just the right dimensions. 

It's getting hotter by the minute. 

Outfitter Tarp IV is big: 169 x 169" - but it still weighs only 4.6 lbs. 

The difference in temperature on this side of the tarp was amazing! 

As the sun climbed higher the corners were guyed out and extra support brought in to help achieve the right tension and raise one corner a bit. A Greenland style paddle is put to good use. 

The result is a customized tarp set-up that will shelter a large group, rain or shine.