The Venus III DLX Plus is a unique exoskeleton basecamp tent with a huge, pole supported vestibule. 

Built for 3 people, the inner tent is comfortable and voluminous, but it's the vestibule that makes this tent such a luxurious home-away-from-home. Not only is the vestibule big enough to get dressed in, the front panels can be opened to create a covered front "porch," which also greatly increases the ventilation. This tent comes with a full footprint that lines the entire vestibule as well as doubles up the floor of the inner tent. And just inside the side door on the vestibule there is a section of footprint that can be unzipped and rolled away so muddy and wet boots aren't tracking dirt and water onto the footprint itself. And if that's not enough, there's a second vestibule at the back end. This is a smaller one without pole support, just right for quick entry and exit or as an extra gear storage area. 

We've had the pleasure of using the Venus III Deluxe Plus on wilderness paddling trips, where it always turns heads in camp - "what the heck is this thing?" - we've heard that many times and the answer is always the same. "It's a portable hotel room with a covered deck!"