New for 2019 is the Comfort Wmns sleeping bag.

The Comfort series has been an EXPED best-seller and it’s about time there’s one designed specifically for women! As the name suggests, the Comfort bags are, well, more comfortable than many mummy bags thanks to greater overall internal volume of the bag. Translation: more room at the shoulders, hips, legs and feet. 
Critical to the comfort of this new bag is the women’s specific cut, but its increased insulation is also important. Extra insulation is used throughout the bag, with particular attention to the foot section. In addition, the foot boxes of all EXPED sleeping bags are already built for maximum warmth, thanks to the 3-dimensional design. Nine individual down chambers allow optimal lofting of the down and ensure that no part of the foot or toes pushes through the insulation to the cold atmosphere. 
Another versatility-enhancing feature is the zippered arm opening placed on the side opposite the main zipper. When this is open and the main zipper is also opened a few inches, arms are then free, making reading, cooking and doing chores in the bag a reality. At the foot-end, BlanketZip opens around the foot box to free the feet. The bag can then be worn around camp as a parka, extending its comfort options yet further. And it’s called BlanketZip because when the foot zipper and main zipper are opened completely the bag can be used as a blanket. This is especially useful in warmer conditions. 
Comfort Wmns is available in two temperature ratings: Comfort 0C Wmns (32F) and Comfort -5C Wmns (23F). Other options include left or right zip and small and medium lengths.