If you sleep with a partner at home, why not in the outdoors? 

In recent years, science has revealed just how important high-quality sleep is to humans. Topics of study include sleep duration, depth of sleep (REM, etc.), the importance of a short nap in the middle of the day and on and on it goes. For the outdoor enthusiast, good quality sleep is very important as we are often hiking, climbing, paddling, cycling and generally exerting ourselves during the day, often pushing our physical limits. Poor sleep most definitely makes doing these things much more difficult and maybe even more dangerous. 
But one important aspect of sleep is left out of the studies and discussions: sleeping with a partner. Here at EXPED we have solutions designed specifically for bringing this important and pleasurable part of the at-home sleep experience into the outdoors. That, right there, is the goal of our sleep gear: making the at-home sleep experience mobile and including a sleep partner. Sleep like you do at home!
Of course, two individual sleeping bags will zip together and Exped bags do this well. But if we are really going to bring the at-home, couples' sleeping experience with us into the outdoors, something more is necessary. Exped’s duo sleeping systems take it to the next level by combining three important components: 
  • A double-wide sleeping mat (what Exped calls Duo)
  • A comfortable, next-to-skin fitted sheet with loops around the perimeter
  • A warm and cozy duo quilt with toggles that secure the quilt to loops on the sheet
Add to this grouping a couple of our light and compact pillows and deep, blissful, mobile sleep and comfort is the result. 
Here are a few duo mat/sheet/quilt combinations to match some typical camping scenarios: 
Car camping/Overlanding/Trailhead hotel for two - full, unapologetic luxury
Car camping/Overlanding/Trailhead hotel for two when space is tight - compact luxury
Human-powered adventures of all kinds: extremely lightweight and compact
So for partners who adventure together, Exped has the downtime compliment to a day out and about: sleep together!