The global Covid-19 pandemic is taking its toll. Businesses are being affected by the strict measures in place and are facing completely new challenges. This is having a huge impact on social responsibility. Which means, among other things, pressure on the collaboration with production facilities and the associated supply chain.

Unfortunately, we have currently been seeing numerous reports in the news about factories in Asia that have been affected by countless and short term cancellations of orders by well known brands due to the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. Suppliers are being left with unpaid goods and many manufacturers are even seeing their prices under pressure putting them under financial distress and theatening their existence

Exped, as a company that also manufactures in Asia, would like to distance itself from these developments:

> EXPED does not cancel orders once production has begun.

> None of our production partners are left with unpaid goods.

> All materials ordered for us will be used in future production runs.

> We abide to the prices agreed upon prior to the crisis.

EXPED products are manufactured exclusively in highly specialized factories. These factories are at the forefront of the industry and have in depth experience, both in management and with their workforce. With most of our suppliers we have been in partnership for over 10 years. This consistency is fundamental for a sustainable development within the factories. We visit all production sites regularly and maintain an intensive dialogue. EXPED respects the manufacturers and their cost structures and has worked according to a defined code of conduct right from the start. Respectful cooperation is therefore our top priority even in times of crisis.