There is nothing more annoying than a waterproof drybag that accumulates moisture on the inside instead of keeping it out. This is why no matter how simple an Exped Drybag may seem, every detail is designed with care and manufactured with quality and durability in mind.

Simon Ingram from the Trail-Magazine recommends our Fold Drybags.



And following email also reached us from England. He was lucky:


I purchased one of your bags a couple of years ago and was told by fellow walkers that a plastic bag would be just as good. A recent experience proved that they were wrong. Walking in Ireland I had my Nikon DLSR camera in the bag inside my rucksack with the top secured. Having put the bag beside a stream to my horror I saw the rucksack descend into the water.

After much effort the rucksack was recovered and everything not in the bag was soaked including a small camera, binoculars and my anorak. On opening the Exped bag my camera was completely dry in perfect condition enabling me to carry on taking photographs. Shame about the other things, it is going to cost me plenty. The moral is always put everything in one of your bags, I am now going to buy a couple of small ones for extra safety.

Michael, St. Albans, England

The Exped Fold Drybags are available in sizes XXS to XXL

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