Our Team

All highly motivated outdoor people specialised in their skills and often found playing in the wild.


Andi Brun
President of the board
Andi, founder and owner of Exped, the visionary in the background. More

Andi founded Exped 30 years ago together with his wife Heidi after coming back from their 2 year trip mostly in the Canadian wilderness and a short stint at an outdoor retailer in Zurich. As a gear and computer freak with a keen eye for detail, he is responsible for all things around innovation and production, especially for his own gear categories like mats, hammocks, bivy bags and ponchos. And together with Betti takes care of all things digital and our IT systems. He is an avid outdoor professional and has now added kite surfing on water and snow to his outdoor activities of choice.

Heidi Brun
President of the board
Heidi, founder and co-owner, runs the shop, was responsible for our sleeping bag categorie and looks after the team. More

Rumor has it that Heidi, Andis wife, is the Exped mama. Truth is, it’s true. As longterm General Manager all issues big and small flew through her hands. She spent months in the Canadian wilderness and later on an uninhabited island in the Great Barrier Reef together with her husband before founding Exped. Nowadays she and Andi disappear off to Asia in the winter months to supervise production of the Exped products. In between productions they head for Vietnam and the neighboring countries with their canoe and hammocks.


Corporate Management

Betti Frangi
Marketing | Finance | IT
Responsible for Marketing, Digital Marketing, IT Projects and support and much more More

She started off in sales at an outdoor retailer, than worked as a rep. and in-house for Wild Roses, one of the first women’s only outdoor brand. She went then on to sharpened her skills in various communications and marketing departments.

Her numerous intrepid tandem trips to far corners of the world took place a while back, but now she enjoys time with her family in Scandinavia and Central Europe. She also climbs, in the gym for workout and outdoors for pleasure.

Hubi Rutishauser
Sales | Logistics
Hubi supports our growing number of distributors worldwide as International Sales Manager, and also organizes our tradeshow presence. More

Hubi is our travel expert and has probably been to most places in the world either on foot or on the back of some truck, bus or boat. He seems to like the more exotic destinations like Tajikistan, unusual locomotion like a rubber dinghy or cooks on a „super-fast“ stove à la Hubi: a candle. So sometimes it takes a bit longer for him to turn up again, as his longest non-stop trip took a mere 3 years.

He grew up in different countries but always went to American schools so we use him as translator.

Marc Raillard
Innovation | Product Management | HR
Marc designs and develops our backpack and drybag lines. More

As father of two, rock and snow junkie and mountain biker he’s always out to find the right work and life balance. If his not out chasing the powder in winter and leaving chalk trails in the rocks during summer Marc develops our backpacks and drybags. Marc joined Exped back in 1992 as buyer and then became product developer in 2001.


Product Management

Eicke Thiele
Innovation Sleeping bags & sales director DACH
Eicke is responsible for our sleeping bags and sales director for german speaking countries More

Eicke was infected early on with the outdoor virus. Thanks to his extensive hands-on experience and his previous career in outdoor retail, he definitely knows what good outdoor gear is all about. His travels led and still lead him to exciting places. Always with his camera with reach, but above all the openness and curiosity to experience foreign cultures. Countless nights on his travels were spent in a warm sleeping bag, the longest of which lasted 4 months in a row. 

Like many other Exped employees, Eicke's method of choice for his daily commute to work is his bicycle. 


Jakob Zumbühl
Product Design and Innovation
Jakob is deeply involved in the development of our products. More

With his design background and industrial design degree, Jakob has the technical expertise and enjoys to tinker with everything that has to do with the outdoors. Ideas come or mature preferably during multi-day hikes or a run down a trail in his backyard forest. He loves to be outdoors, be it on skis, bikes, on foot, on all fours, climbing or bouldering. Wherever possible, his family is part of the adventure. That's why he knows everything about big and heavily loaded backpacks.

Lukas Bertschi
Innovation tents, tarps, ponchos, hammocks, bivybags
Lukas is our innovation and product manager for the tent and tarp categories. More

As an avid outdoor enthusiast and mountainbiker Lukas enjoys and spends a lot of time outdoors. Loves to spend nights out in tents, test new products and adapt them himself to his needs. Lukas is an industrial designer by trade and a natural born tinkerer.


Matthew Morrissey
Innovation Mats
Mat is our innovation and product manager for the mats. More

Mat found his way to Exped after working as a scientist testing and developing performance clothing and technical textiles. He enjoys rolling or sliding down mountains in both summer and winter whether by skis, snowboard or mountain bike. If there is really no option to use a lift he has also been known to climb or ski tour up them, too. When the snow is melting and the trails are too wet, he can also be found on, in, and sometimes under the water – be it with white water kayak, kite board or fishing waders.

Matthew Morrissey, Innovation mats
Muriel Weber
Innovation Rucksäcke, Packsäcke
Muriel develops our pack range together with Marc. More

During her studies as an industrial designer she started climbing, mountaineering and ski touring intensively. This led to her positive monkey-index (arm reach longer than body height). In the meantime, as mother of two kids, her priorities have shifted to more mundane things like camping, damming creeks and building fires. Her expertise in backpacks comes from personal use and years of professional experience as a pack designer.



Muriel Weber, Innovation packs and drybags
Silvie Weber
Product Design and Innovation
As an industrial designer Silvie supports Exped in the visual design of products More

Be it hiking while enjoying flora and fauna, endurance trekking in Nordic environments or ambitious climbs: her main goal is to be outdoors - on foot, by bike, in a canoe or sailing boat. Together with her husband she sailed in a Mini-Transat from Germany to the Arctic Circle. She also has a lot of nature in her backyard: She spends every spare minute with her family in their large garden which includes her flock of chicken - and this preferably barefooted.


Customer Service / Repairs

Bea Hager
Customer Service
Bea is responsible for Customer Service together with Gabriela, but also helps out with accounting and makes sure we don’t run out of office utensils. More

Bea is a Canada and Scandinavia fan and enjoys her relaxing holidays up in the north and its nature, people and language. Since going on dog sledge tours in Finland and Sweden through the beautiful snowy landscapes she has a fascination for huskies and wolves. In winter you will find indoors playing curling and in the summer outdoors possibly with her saxophone.

Bea Hager, Customer Service
Isabell Kohler
Customer Service
As a member of the valued Customer Service team Isabell takes care of all product-specific queries our customers may have and also supports our worldwide distribution and service partners. More

True to the motto "It tastes best outdoors", there must always be some space left in your backpack for culinary surprises. The menus prepared over a fire are refined with little treasures nature supplies that the alpine vegetation ecologist finds during her ascent. She finds her flow not only on her treks but also regularly in yoga.



Marketing / Backoffice

Angela Borner
Angi is all things Exped on Instagram, Facebook, our website and Co. More

In our marketing team Angi is responsible for Exped's social media presence, takes care of the website and videos. That is here trade and thanks to her passion for nature, her travel experiences and bubbling ideas she fits perfectly into the Exped-Team.

Angi loves to explore the world on foot and with her backpack. To walk as far as her feet will take her. It means freedom and challenge to her at the same time. She discovered her love for long-distance hiking years ago on the West Highland Way in Scotland. Be it Loch Lomond, Isle of Skye or Ben Nevis, Angi is still fascinated by the region and has experienced her share of adventures there.

Barbara Homberger
Barbara is responsible for our accounting and financial planning. More

Our accounts are in her firm hands and all aspects of our finances under her sharp eyes. Here a little taste: as Hubi went off on his vacations to Tajikistan she told him loud and clearly that she would not pay ransom – no matter what!

It’s more than a hobby when she spends her time off travelling around with her three cycle road racing sons supporting them wherever she can.

Deoborah Bürgisser
Deborah is responsible for our digital channels and takes care of the appropriate appearance on the web. More

She loves nature and her playground are the mountains, above all the mighty Pilatus (but affectionately called "Pili" by her). For her work for Exped, Deborah moved from Lucerne to the urban jungle of Zurich. But she can perfectly compensate the concrete and commuter traffic in her free time. Mountain bike, racing bike, splitboard in winter or simply her own feet - her means of transport could not be more different. But the goal is always the same: to reach the summit and enjoy the freedom. Deborah has already experienced many adventurous highlights, but she remembers one in particular with particular fondness: her participation in the Trans NewZealand 2020 - a 5-day MTB enduro race. However, Deborah is not only a fierce athlete. With her bachelor's degree in visual communication and further education in branding and online communication, she perfectly complements the Exped marketing team and ensures the right digital presence with her skills. 


Kurt Gerber
He is responsible here at Exped for sponsorship, PR, advertising, images, desktop publishing, and also does his share on our web presence and the Exped blog. More

Kurt has his roots in alpine sports activities: be it the high peaks in our Swiss Alps, or some in South America and Asia, Kurt has climbed many and trekked and ski toured to countless others. But he also seems to enjoy the lower altitudes of the Far East, since he met his German wife in Thailand. He may not be as active anymore in the vertical world but still enjoys getting out there and engaging in all kinds of outdoor activities.

Kurt Gerber, Marketing
Petra Schultz
Grafik, DTP
Petra, our graphic designer gives our identity the finishing touch. More

As a professional graphic designer Petra is responsible for the design of our printed media, edits images, creates illustrations, our sales tools and packaging. And she definitely knows how to organise her time off: She loves hiking, cycling, travelling, playing her guitar and juggling.


Exped LLC - USA

Kayla Krantz
E-Commerce Specialist
Even as a native-born Washingtonian, Kayla is still discovering new trails and opportunities for adventure every day. More

When she's not busy building an awesome online shopping experience or tracking inventory, Kayla enjoys hiking, camping, cycling, and off-roading throughout the Pacific Northwest. On days when the great INdoors beckon, Kayla loves curling up with a good book, listening to true crime podcasts, and tending to her many houseplants.