The Glissade ABS Zip-On is a backpack unit designed specifically for the ABS-VARIO-LINE base unit (avalanche emergency airbag system).

Attached by zipper to the ABS Vario Base Unit (not included) the Glissade Zip-On ABS Packsack converts into an extremely versatile ski and snowboarding pack for powder and winter backcountry adventures. Besides the large main compartment and other practical storage pockets the pack features a carrying systems for skis, snowboards, helmet, ice axe and safety equipment like shovel and probe.

The Glissade ABS Zip-On is available in 25 liter and 35 liter versions and two colours.

> Glissade ABS Zip-On 25

> Glissade ABS Zip-On 35


background INFORMATION:

ABS - The avalanche airbag

The ABS avalanche airbag is an intelligent emergency system that can help prevent the wearer from being buried completely in an avalanche and to reduce injury. The system works as follows: By pulling on the activation handle on the pack, two airbags with a combined volume of 170 l automatically inflate within seconds. The additional volume created can prevent the wearer from being buried by the avalanche.

ABS is the most widely used avalanche airbag system and with 25 years of experience has also been in the market the longest. The ABS Vario Base Units holds the safety relevant components of the ABS avalanche airbag. This includes the TwinBags, the activation handle and the gas propellant cartridge that is available in a steel or much lighter carbon version.

NOTE: The ABS Vario Base Unit is not included with the Glissade 25/35 ABS Zip-On