It's a sure sign that spring is just around the corner when the Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide makes its annual appearance. Again this year, Exped makes a strong showing. 

The Mira series of tents (Mira II shown above) has gotten lighter! Same proven design, but lighter fabrics: 

Mira I HL      2 lbs 3 oz     $329.00

Mira II HL     2 lbs 14 oz   $379.00

Mira III HL    3 lbs 11 oz   $479.00


SynMat HyperLite is the lightest, most compact insulated sleeping mat. 

Available in these sizes: 

M     R-value 3.3    12.3 oz    $169.00

MW  R-value 3.3    14.6 oz    $179.00

LW   R-value 3.3    15.7 oz    $189.00

Thunder 50 and 70 employ Exped's T-Rex frame for solid load control and weight transfer - and amazing weight reduction. Available in women's and men's versions. 

Thunder 50     3 lbs 6 oz    $249.00

Thunder 70     3 lbs 8 oz    $289.00

Gemini IV uses the same inner canopy as the Gemini IV DLX, but the vestibules are designed without pole support, saving a bit of weight and bulk. 

Gemini IV    8 lbs 8 oz    $649.00