ExpedUSA team member Nick and his wife Cassie recently spent several days exploring the Enchantments in the Cascade mountains of Washington. 

This chain of alpine lakes and peaks is very well named and one of the gems of the Pacific Northwest. The rock climbing is outstanding, as is the meandering. And the lazy, sitting-on-a-rock-watching-the-world-go-by is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. 

As always, Cassie and Nick were using Exped gear. Here's what they were trying out: 

  • Mira II HL tent (availble March 2015)
  • Thunder 50 packs (available March 2015)
  • SynMat HyperLite (available March 2015)
  • SynCellMat 5 (available March 2015)
  • Schnozzel Pumpbag UL 
  • Lite 125 trekking poles
  • MultiMat
  • Air Pillow UL
  • Solo Tarp (available March 2015) - although they didn't need it due to the amazing weather
  • DreamWalker 450 sleeping bag
  • DreamWalker 650 sleeping bag
  • Waterproof Compression Bag UL
  • Accessory Strap UL