EXPED USA has a reputation for outstanding customer service, and the work of our warranty service specialist, Annica, is a prominent part of it. Recently, she was interviewed by Outside Online for a piece they were doing on sleeping mat repair. Annica's name came up as they contacted repair shops for the article. 

Here's a link to the interview: Outsideonline.com

"But against my lackluster record stands that of Annica Lassesen, a warranty and repair specialist at Exped USA, who has patched an average of 500 mats per year during her three years at the company. Her most stunning successes include a mat with 87 total punctures and one with a 17-inch tear. With roughly 1,500 mats under her belt, Lassesen knows her stuff, and says she’s “all about trying to make resources available to people” so they can fix mats themselves."