Skiing and snowboarding are multi-faceted sports and the right pack is crucial to comfort and stability. 

An overnight tour is very different than a day riding the lifts at a resort. Here are a few thoughts on pairing an Exped pack to specific ski/snowboard outings: 

Lift Day - Mountain Pro 20

The Mountain Pro 20 is a streamlined pack that works very well at the lift area. Zipper access top loading main compartment and an outer pocket closed with velcro ensure quick access to extra gloves, snacks, water and warm layers. For booting up those in-bounds secret stashes there are daisy chains and quick release straps for attaching skis or boards to the pack. A removable hipbelt allows options for weight bearing. 


Sidecountry/Slackcountry - Glissade 25

Riding the lifts to access nearby backcountry stashes requires a pack that can organize the necessary gear. The Glissade 25 accommodates snow shovel, probe, skins, goggles and keeps everything easily accessible. A mesh helmet holder can be added to the back panel for the upward climb when the helmet might be too warm to wear. Very rapid ski or snowboard loading is also a hallmark of the Glissade series. 


Backcountry Day Tour and Hut Touring- Glissade 35

This pack is designed like the Glissade 25 above, but adds another 10 liters of volume and two internal stays for load control and transfer to the hips. A full day of touring often means the pack must hold extra food and water, camera gear and emergency equipment. Glissade 35 has the volume to carry it all and the stability to stay in place while riding. It's also an excellent choice for hut tours. 



Mountaineering Day Tour - Serac 25/35/45

The Serac is a new school mountaineering pack that easily accommodates skis, snowboard, ice tools and crampons. While the Glissade 25 and 35 provide specific solutions for organizing gear, the Serac takes a much more minimalist approach. It's a fully waterproof roll-top pack that has had anything excess removed, which makes it amazingly light and streamlined. 





Multi-day Backcountry Tour (snow camping) - Lightning 45/60

When a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, cookware, extra food, extra clothing and other overnight gear must be carried, the Lightning is the choice. It can handle the higher volume of this gear but also the increase in weight. The T-Rex suspension system is uniquely capable of stabalizing a big load while keeping the overall weight of the pack very low. 




Expedition Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering - Expedition 65/80/100

For snow adventures in the great ranges of the world a big, rugged and strong pack is an absolute necessity. The Expedition packs are designed to control the most unruly and body-crushing loads. Just one requirement: train well for doing turns with 70 lbs on board.