SynMat WinterLite recently reviewed the new SynMat WinterLite, coming in March to specialty retailers. 


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SynMat WinterLite is part of a new group of hyperlite mats for 2015: 

  • SynMat HyperLite: as light as an insulated mat gets - size medium 12.3 ounces and a certified R-value of 3.3
  • SynMat WinterLite: winter warmth and light - size medium 14.3 ounces and a certified R-value of 4.9
  • DownMat WinterLite: Exped's famous DownMat in a hyperlite construction - size medium 16.8 ounces and a certified R-value of 8.0. An amazing combination of light weight, compact size and warm enough for the coldest places on planet earth. 


SynMat HyperLite


DownMat WinterLite