Designed for use in the outdoors, the Torrent 20 is perfect for wet weather day hikes. But why only use it on the trail? It’s a great day to day companion for your city travels too!

Why go on adventures? So very many reasons. Here's just one... 

We were out using the Polaris recently and this reminded us of just how very good this tent is. 


A recent paddling trip reminds us that although an urban center is often physically close during adventures of these sorts, our hearts and minds can be set free and we can feel the wildness of the place. 

Every spring the crew here at Exped USA volunteers several days of work with Washington Water Trails Association. 

When I was a kid, I was intrigued by backpacks. The books about adventure that I read all seemed to feature the main characters slinging packs onto their backs and heading off into the wilderness, prepared for anything. 

Our friend Shane lost his life a few weeks ago in an avalanche in the Wallowa mountains of eastern Oregon. We mourn his passing deeply and the healing is just beginning, but family and friends are coming together to honor his life. One way to do this is to make sure that avalanche education matches, and perhaps exceeds, the rate of growth in winter recreation. If you are a winter backcountry enthusiast or know someone who is, please consider a donation in honor of our friend. And be safe out there!

Donate to the Shane Coulter Memorial Fund for Avalanche Awareness here

Depending on your mood and location, you might be looking to take a nap or simply take in the view. Here are a few hammock postures to consider.