As a BSA Scoutmaster who camps every month and on week long campouts a couple times of year I needed a tent that would be able to hold up to some abuse, be lightweight and well thought out.  I can’t speak enough about the little things that impressed me about the Exped Gemini III.

The Venus II is a versatile 4-season tent that has been in the Exped tent line for many years. It has proven itself in a wide range of conditions around the globe. It is quick to set up, light weight, tough, and a solid performer in wind, rain, and snow. 

When setting up the Venus II or Venus III in windy circumstances, we've found that the following procedure is the most efficient: 

Scout Hammock Combi requires just 5 minutes to set up the tarp and hammock. 

The DownMat XP 9 sleeping mat and Orion III tent were reviewed in the fall 2013 gear guide. 


All Exped packs come standard with the all-important cheese pocket. 


Exped is a corporate sponsor of The Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT), which links the waterways of New York, Vermont, Québec, New Hampshire and Maine. Each year the NFCT hosts an online auction to raise money for the administration and care of the trail system and Exped always has a few items up for bid. Check it out here at the auction website!

Each fall, Exped sponsors a local showing of the Backcountry Film Festival, east of Seattle in the little town of Cashmere, WA. 

Let's go skiing!