A mountain pack needs to be versatile and the Mountain Lite 20 works for many activities.


We were out in the hills recently and the Lightning 60 came along as a load hauler. Comfortable all the way up and back. 




The crunch of leaves under the tires was too much to resist. 

Mountains seem pretty patient when it comes to the change-over to the winter season. Unlike some people we know...



Light in weight and price: the DownMat Lite offers great performance at an affordable price. Filled with down insulation, comfortable to lie on and compact to stow. It has been awarded the Editor’s Choice by the British Mountain Pro Magazin.


Super compact 20 l pack in a clean and refined design for day trips into snow, rock or urban jungles. AN extremely versatile four season pack with perfect fit that you will barely notice sitting on your back.

A compact dream of a pack both on and off piste, day trips in summer or winter. A pack that masters all situations like skiing down steep 60° couloirs or as discrete carry on luggage on any trip.

Lightning 60 lichen green

Here’s a testimonial from Dave in Tucson – a longtime desert adventurer who has put some miles on the new Lightning 60 pack:

“Let’s cut to the chase: the Lightning 60 is an awesome pack. Need a pack that is very light, yet handles heavier loads with ease? Look no further than the Lightning 60. This pack is amazingly comfortable.

Dear Exped Team

We just spent four weeks in Hawaii with our Mountain Pro packs. Our hikes were often accompanied by heavy and enduring rain. Our rain jackets and our really good hiking boots caved in and were not up to the hardships but to our joy and to your pride, the Exped packs stayed dry. Thank you for your good work! Keep it up as it’s great fun when you know your gear works…

Andrea & Simon

Travel Hammock

The affordable and compact hammock you can always have with you. This is the perfect one person hammock for hanging out outdoors, while travelling or in your backyard. Comes with: Travel Hammock and Packsack (suspension kit not included)