Backpacker Magazine's 2019 Gear Guide includes the new Whiteout 30 pack


Whiteout is built with Dyneema composite fabric, making it very light, seriously tough and UV stable. 

While all of us here at Exped wish we could go to work in the wilderness each day, we haven’t yet figured out how to do it. 

"The Traverse 40 has what Exped calls a Switchback frame, that lets you curve the frame of the backpack on demand in order to increase the amount of ventilation between the pack and your back. 

First in a series we're calling #EXPEDfavoritesOur crew are all outdoor enthusiasts and they get to play with a lot of gear. So what are their very favorite pieces of Exped gear and why? 

[please note that the 2014 Lightning lower side compression strap goes behing the side pocket, rather than over it]


Three new packs that are new to the USA in spring 2014. Left to right: Glissade 35, Core 25 and Mountain Pro 20. 

"Staying true to its roots, the Glissade is all business and no frills." Or, as we like to say, refined to the basics!

We received an email from a customer the other day, sharing his experience with the Lightning 60 pack. Here's what he had to say: